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sensitive teethTooth sensitivity is a condition in which teeth react to hot food or drink, sweet or sour. If you have sensitive teeth, drink a cold soda or eating chocolate can cause sudden severe pain in your teeth. The pain was sharp (pain), such as electric shock and usually only lasts a few seconds.

Tooth sensitivity is caused by reduced or thinning enamel in our teeth. Teeth formed from the dental pulp, the living tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves, dentin which is the largest structure of dental tissue and email (enamel), the outermost layer is very hard. (See dental anatomy)

Under normal conditions, dentin is covered by email or gums. Dentin has small pores (called tubules) on its surface that leads to the pulp that has a lot of nerve. If the tooth is worn or eroded gum (gum recession), dentin can be stimulated by the food hot / cold, sweet, or sour. Stimulation of the dentine tubules will be passed through to the tooth nerves, which trigger pain.

Thinning email mainly caused by poor eating habits. Email experienced demineralized when in contact with acids, such as soft drinks (with or without sugar), tomatoes and oranges. The food was very sweet also encourages bacterial activity, which then produce acids and exacerbate the problem. Mechanical stresses such as bruxism (teeth grinding during sleep) or brushing with whitening toothpaste that is too aggressive can also damage the email.

What can you do?
Sensitive teeth can be faced with two approaches, reducing the things that cause problems and reduce tooth sensitivity.

  • Use a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Change your toothpaste to control plaque and whiten teeth with special toothpaste sensitive teeth. This special toothpastes have active substances such as potassium nitrate, citrate or oxalate which helps inhibit the sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve, thus reducing the pain associated with sensitive teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day and do not brush your teeth for an hour after consuming acidic food or drink.
  • Brush your teeth properly. Brushing properly is very important to maintain your dental health. Brushing too hard can make teeth more sensitive. Choose a fluffy brush and keep brushing at a 45 degree angle against your gum line with short strokes and gentle, especially in meetings where the teeth and gums.
  • Use toothpaste with fluoride. Although today almost all enriched with fluoride toothpaste, you need to make sure. Fluoride in toothpaste will help gradually layering your email (remineralization) and reinforce demineralized tooth surface by acid bacteria. Mouthwash containing fluoride is also a good choice for sensitive teeth.


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