Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keefe Real Estate Live Chat Connects You Faster

keefe real estate online chatHave you ever been in the position that you wanted to contact a real estate agent with a question about a property, the real estate market or to ask an agent for help finding what you?re looking for, but you hesitated because you didn?t want to make a phone call directly?

In today?s world there are a lot of people that find texting or interacting through a text system is faster, easier and less intrusive than picking up the phone and making a call. You might be one of these types of people. If you are, the Keefe Real Estate live chat is the perfect alternative for you to use to connect with an agent fast, get your questions answered and to see if the agent on the other end is engaging and understanding regarding your specific real estate needs.

Based on personal experience I can say that I?ve certainly had difficult, tenuous or stressful phone calls with people on the other end being less than cooperative, but I can honestly say that I?ve never had a live chat that was even remotely similar to those experiences. It?s likely most people have had similar experiences and it?s also likely that?s what makes Live Chat a method of choice for consumers to connect quickly and effectively when they have questions or inquiries that require an answer.

The Keefe Real Estate website gets a tremendous amount of traffic and we?re seeing our Live Chat system that was implemented in 2012 being used more and more by the real estate buying and selling public. If you?re on the website and you have questions for an agent about properties for sale, foreclosures, buying a home or selling your home just click on the live chat box that appears on every page.

The Live Chat box will inform you if someone is on standby to help you with your needs day or night and if there isn?t an agent available, you will be able to leave a detailed message in a window that opens for your convenience and we?ll receive that in our live chat coordinators email for a quick response.

At Keefe Real Estate we?re always looking for better ways to improve our customer?s experience and online technology through Live Chat is just another demonstration of our commitment to you our valued customer.


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